Monday, December 17, 2007


My Residential Mortgage Fraud client is scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. Apparently, the Attorney General's office is going to recommend two years to serve, followed by eight years of probation. (10 do 2, in local parlance.) That seems a bit excessive to me. But then it probably should, given which table I sit at in the courtroom.

I talked to my client today on the jail phone, and after we discussed many things, the last words she said to me, just before hanging up, were, "and thanks for everything you've done." Those aren't words you hear very often as a public defender and it is very rare for them to be heartfelt. But these were and I got just a little bit choked-up.

I also have six probation revocation hearings scheduled for tomorrow morning. There's nothing quite like easing into the holidays.

UPDATE: The Judge and I were on the same page -- 10 do 2, suspended on completing the Detention Center (which is a 90-120 day program), no restitution, first offender status. So, as long as she gets through the Detention Center, which is basically a boot-camp program, then she won't have to do any prison time. That's extremely fair, although I would have preferred straight probation. On the same page, but not in the same paragraph.